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2 days ago
(verified owner)
This is a very good product to use as a base for your cycle. I do not regret buying it. On top of receiving excellent product, it arrived 3 days after placing order. Honestly the best lab I’ve ever dealt with! Definitely will be a regular customer!
4 days ago
Elizabeth Turner
(verified owner)
Ive been running 1 ml 90 minutes pre workout and i noticed some increased strength the first day. I chose to add this into my cycle to pack on some more mass with the dbol. In my personal experience I get less sides from injectable dbol versus oral. It doesn't effect my appetite and i retain much less water. The injections are painless, no pip from the eo or guaiacol. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an injectable pwo for a bulk.
1 week ago
Eddie Sousa
This product is legit and works great! I increased my muscle mass within 3-4 of first using it. Great delivery, great customer service. SRX website makes it so easy!